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We will have an additional studio to separate our Pilates and Fitness classes.
We will be adding in more times and different class types including Spin, TRX, HIIT, and more!

Introductory Special


Special Introductory Offer of 2 Private and 5 Semi-Private Sessions

Are you just getting started with pilates or wanting to familiarize yourself with our studio?
Try our introductory special of 2 private and 5 semi private training sessions with our amazing instructors to give you
a taste of what Pilates is about and what we have to offer for only $155!


CARDio Bound!



This class is designed for the individual looking for an efficient and FUN workout with a HIIT component (High Intensity Interval Training). This 50 minute class is fast, it’s intense, and you will SWEAT AND DANCE and get that boost of energy to get through your week! You will experience a combination of bounce exercises on the trampoline as well as floor work.


Top 5 Health Benefits to Rebounding:

  • Easy on the joints
  • Strengthens Cells and Improves Cardiovascular Development 
  • Improves Immune System Function Due to Lymph Flow
  • Helps with Balance
  • Builds Physical Strength, Muscular Development and Proprioception for Athletes

At Pure Power PILATES we have combined the STOTT PILATES method with revolutionary fitness knowledge creating an ideal fitness studio

Get moving

We have created an environment that is intimate, non intimidating, and has a friendly atmosphere that offers private and small group training for all levels of fitness.


build muscle & burn fat

We offer a variety of classes that can help you sculpt your body by building muscle and burning fat.


relieve pain

Pilates addresses the underlying structural imbalances in the body that lead to back pain. Issues like lack of core support, pelvic instability, muscular imbalances, poor posture, and lack of body awareness all effect back health.


What is Pure Power PILATES & Fitness about?

MELT Method Workshop

MELT instructor Alicia Perez will teach you techniques on how to rehydrate your connective tissue for vibrant health & pain free living.  by using the MELT method you'll feel less sore after your workouts, your joints will feel better and you may even start to sleep like a baby.


Stay tuned...Next workshop coming soon!



I injured my back when I was a teenager, and it has given me troubles ever since.  Now I am 83 years old.  I started pilates training with Lori about 3 years ago, and it has helped me more than anything else I have tried.  Lori and her staff are highly trained in working with persons who are elderly and have injuries.  I am more flexible now and have less pain than I have ever had.  I am still able to drive, maintain my home and enjoy a busy social life and volunteering at the church's homeless program.  I give the Pure Power Pilates Studio my deepest appreciation for all they have done for me. - Joann S.


"I look forward to working out at Pure Power Pilates! It's a great way to start the day, feeling strong while having fun!" - Goldie W.



"For the first time in years, I love to exercise! Pure Power Pilates make Pilates fun, personal, and rewarding. The best instructors (trainers) that I've ever met! They know Pilates." - Cheryl T.



"I never liked to exercise before finding Pure Power Pilates. Now I look forward to my workouts at P3 because they make it fun, yet challenging. I have never felt stronger or healthier! I love Pure Power Pilates!" - Kristin A.


I'm so lucky to found Pure Power Pilates. They have amazing instructors. The classes are small enough that you feel like you are getting private instruction. I look forward to going twice a week and only wish my schedule permitted me to go more often. I am seeing great results and I love it!!" - Anette B.



The trainers at Pure Power Pilates make workouts fun - tiring, but fun! I've been attending the workouts for almost 3 years now and can say I've truly enjoyed the experience. Every workout is different and I learn something new all the time." - Linda T.