Sessions at Pure Power Pilates




First Time Client One Class: $10
Kick Start (2 privates, 5 classes) 1st time client: $149                 
Group Single Session: $20
5 Group Sessions: $90 ($18/class)
10 Group Sessions: $170 ($17/class)
15 Group Sessions: $240 ($16/class)
20 Group Sessions: $280 ($14/class)


*Discount Benefits Included in pricing

8 classes/month for 6 months: $105 monthly
Unlimited classes for 6 months: $149 monthly
Unlimited classes for 3 months: $189 monthly
Unlimited classes for 1 month: $229


*Membership Discount Benefits: 
    -  15% off regular priced massage services
    -  10% off regular priced apparel
    -  Discounts & priority booking on all workshops

Semi Private Sessions

Our Pure Power PILATES group classes have a maximum of 6 clients to 1 instructor. With small groups, our instructors can ensure that the method of STOTT PILATES® 5 basic principles – work together to create intelligent exercise that is both safe and effective. This will enhance skill level and mindfulness, and ensure focus and control, allowing clients to reap the full benefits of this method.

In our fitness classes, the class maximum is 8 clients to 1 instructor. Keeping class size small helps our instructors to maintain a close eye on each clients form and ability, making modifications when needed to accommodate all fitness levels.





Private Intro- 1st time client: $50
Private Session: $70
5 Private Sessions: $325
10 Private Sessions: $600




Privates Sessions

Our Instructors are fully trained and experienced to design individualized fitness programs for clients that either need or prefer training in a private setting.

Anyone can benefit from a private session. Every session is dedicated to help you reach your body’s own goals. All fitness exercises that are done routinely and consistently can improve your body more efficiently.

Clients who benefit from Private Fitness Training:
– suffering from chronic pain from a muscle, tendon, joint, or spinal imbalance
– rehabilitating from an injury or surgery
– prenatal
– therapeutic
– individual pace
– personal schedule
– accountability