Lisa took part in our 6 Week Challenge and lost over 16 lbs! After the challenge, she noticed she had more energy, more mobility, and even had more self esteem. She loved the results she saw, and was motivated to keep going. A year later, she is still taking part in our nutritional coaching and has lost over 45lbs total! She loves her new life of guilt free living with healthy food choices and the support of her team (the studio)!

Nutritional Services at P3

At P3 we want to help you meet your fitness AND health goals! We understand that in order to lead a healthy lifestyle, we all need to maintain a healthy, well-balanced diet. We help you stay accountable by meeting weekly one-on-one with one of our certified trainers of your choosing.

Through nutritional coaching, you will be provided the resources and tools to understand what foods need to be eaten and when (especially to help fuel your workouts). Our evidence-based approach is individualized to help you form habits for a lifetime (not just a few weeks)! Along with nutritional coaching, weekly weigh ins and body fat testing is recorded to make sure you are staying on track. We know how hard it is to stay motivated, so that is what we are here for!  Anything you need, we have you covered!


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