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STOTT CEC Workshops

October 20, 2019

Ultimate Body Sculpting, Flex-Band® Level 3

Learn Intermediate-level exercises that challenge core and peripheral strength, and add variety and multi-dimensional joint movements to the basic Flex-Band® exerciser routine. This intense full-body workout, developed by the Merrithew™ team, emphasizes the upper and lower body working together while maintaining correct alignment and form. Exercises mimic those from the Reformer repertoire featuring the same movement essence and breath and movement patterns. Cues and corrections for safety and effectiveness are also covered.

Intermediate Reformer on the V2 Max Plus™

Explore the advantage of variable angles of resistance to facilitate and expand the existing STOTT PILATES® Intermediate Reformer repertoire. Designed for those already familiar with performing and teaching these exercises, this interactive workshop, developed by the Merrithew™ team, delves into the possibilities afforded by the V2 Max Plus Reformer’s adjustable pulley system and extensor straps. Discover how to challenge core strength and stability while achieving increased range of motion in exercise modifications and new variations designed to develop balance, proprioceptively stimulate the neuromuscular system, and provide support.

Interval Training on the Jumpboard or Cardio-Tramp®, Level 1

Learn to challenge and motivate clients and classes using either the Jumpboard or Cardio-Tramp® Rebounder with the Reformer in this workshop developed by the Merrithew™ team. Innovative and simple jumping combinations are combined with upper and lower body strength and flexibility exercises. This unique cardio / strength interval workout on the solid accessory board or resilient vertical trampoline, challenges the core and total body strength while elevating the heart rate, all while focusing on proper jumping technique. This energetic format keeps clients and classes on the move.

Merrithew™ Fascial Movement Foundation Course : Level 1


Friday, May 31 - Sunday, June 2, 2019


These ladies finished a full weekend of learning about what fascia is, what it does, how it moves and how to work with it across a range of varying modalities! Holly Frugason taught this Merrithew Fascial Movement course with an emphasis on movement variables including bounce, sense, expansion, and hydration.


Pilates Suspension Method Courses:
PSM Foundation and PSM 2.0

Pilates949 Hosted by Pure Power Pilates & Fitness in San Diego

 The Pilates Suspension Method (PSM) combines traditional and contemporary mat Pilates and equipment-based Pilates exercises and performs them on the suspension trainer. Each PSM exercise has a Pilates root and is also done in many of the traditional Pilates series. The PSM is designed to teach in a group or one-on-one setting. The PSM Foundation Course and the PSM 2.0 Course are both 6 hours long and will cover 75+ PSM exercises. Every exercise during the course is demonstrated, modifications discussed, and all students will physically be able to try out the exercises. The workshop price includes a paperback manual and ebook with step-by-step pictures to easily follow along. Both workshop welcome all types of mindful movement and fitness instructors and enthusiasts.

Currently the PSM Foundation Course is approved for 6 Pilates Method Alliance (PMA) CEC’s and the PSM 2.0 Course is currently under review by PMA for approval. Both the Foundation Course and 2.0 course can be petition for approval by American Council of Exercise (ACE).