Jumping for January

 By Natalie Kuhn

Happy New Year to all of our powerful Pilates and fitness geeks! 

It's Natalie here, and as one-fifth of the P3 Team, it is my pleasure be the voice to welcome you to the official blog ofPure Power Pilates & Fitness San Diego.


Our goal in creating this blog is to be accessible to YOU one hundred percent of the time, even when we are not in the studio together! (As if we aren't in your head enough already, right?! Maybe correcting your posture in line at the grocery store? Jk, Jk, but not really). We are, of course, a studio of Pilates and fitness classes, but we view ourselves as so much more than that. We are a family that encourages and pushes one another to be the best version of ourselves each day, whether we are inside the studio or out.

Our blog, just like our studio, will be a safe space to go for all-encompassing wellness: Pilates, Fitness, Nutrition, Mind-body health, laughter, a shoulder to cry on, you get the picture. We promise to be there at your highest, your lowest, your most vulnerable. Last but definitely not least, we promise to live up to your oh-so humbling and maybe not-so-politically-correct nicknames!

So, January, right?! I know you're probably thinking, "Why the heck is Natalie talking about January when it's almost over?" Well, in the fitness world, we LOVE January! In fact, we are jumping for it! It is a time when we get to meet new faces, greet past faces, and keep up with the regular faces! It is an exciting and usually busy time where we, as health and wellness advocates, are reminded of why we chose to do what we do. We help clients set new intentions and achieve dreams of all sorts. Of course, the most common of those is to "get in shape" after the holidays have taken their toll. Now, don't get me wrong - that is a great goal. But way too often, just like the morning and evening January crispness of San Diego begins to fade, so do those goals. We are here to help you keep your January zest alive throughout the rest of the year! 

January sets the tone for the rest of the year, but why does it have to be JUST for that year? Let's think long-term, maybe five or ten years down the road. No matter our age or what life accomplishments we have under our belt, we all have some goal we want to achieve. 

We're going to do a little activity here (this won't take long, I promise!) Take a moment and visualize where you see yourself in those five or ten years. What do you see yourself accomplishing by then? It can be anything! Material possession, personal, professional, you name it. 

Question: How will you get there? Answer: Set two or three personal goals for the year, and two or three professional goals for the year. WRITE THEM DOWN - this is a very important step, which makes your goals more real. As an example: I absolutely LOVE books and reading. One day, I dream of having a library like the one Belle has access to in the Beast's castle in Beauty and the Beast (true Natalie fact). And I want to have read all of the books in that library. I have set a goal for myself this year to read at least thirty books, and five of those books being classics. But I do not want to only achieve this in 2018. My goal is to make this happen every year of my life because reading that much in my life is hugely important to my well-being.

So, let's get to visualizing and turning your best January, into your best life. After all, a lifestyle of wellness is just that: a lifestyle. It is not a race, and every day of every year should count towards your long-term goal. We are faithfully here to help you through all of it! 


Cheers to health, happiness, family, and fun!


Much love,

Natalie and the rest of the best P3 Team


until next time . . .