The Teaser Super Set

The Pilates teaser exercise is part of the classical Pilates mat sequence. It has been notoriously challenging people for years. So don’t feel alone if you find this exercise difficult.

Nevertheless the teaser is an exercise worth learning. It takes a lot of strength, flexibility, control and balance — all things we like to develop in Pilates. Teaser, when done properly is one of those Pilates exercises that falls into the category of flat stomach exercises as well.

Client Spotlight – September 2015

Meet Nikki, our amazing client.  Her story will inspire you!

Nikki is 32 years old and has always been involved in sports.  After High School, she found it difficult to manage her weight with just cardio alone.  As she moved to California her fitness goals shifted as she wanted to take her health more seriously.  Nikki has Type 1 diabetes and relies on insulin injections to keep her healthy.  The insulin alone will not keep Nikki’s blood sugar level, she needs to maintain a well-balanced diet and regular exercise.  One form of exercise Nikki used to enjoy more was running, but over time her knee began to give her pain.  Then she found Pilates.  She started slow, learning the correct breathing and form by attending Mat Pilates classes.  After about a month, she began adding a variety of power classes to her weekly workout schedule, which is when she realized that Pure Power PILATES is nothing like anything she has ever tried before.  Nikki adds, “Not only do they help to push you to try new exercises that you never thought you would ever be able to do, they also keep you focused, motivated, and challenged!  I have even seen improvement in my knee, doesn’t hurt when I run.”

We asked Nikki a few questions, this is what she had to say:

 Q: What has been the biggest change in your fitness routine since joining our Studio?

A: “I think the biggest change since joining Pure Power Pilates has been really seeing and knowing that I am stronger since I first began.  I couldn’t do a pushup before starting and now I can do about 5.” 

 Q: How many days a week do you train?

A: “I go to Pilates at least 2 times a week which in the next week will bump to 4 due to the fact that I see and get results and having a scheduled class keeps me motivated and hold me accountable.  I do cardio 2-3 times a week as well.”

Q: How do you feel after each workout?

A: “I feel that I have accomplished something.  I’m always sweating and feeling the burn.  Following each class, I feel the soreness of the muscles worked and know that I pushed myself to get stronger.  IT’S A GOOD BURN!”

 Q: What is your favorite part about training at Pure Power PILATES and Fitness?

A: “I think my favorite part is that I am getting stronger with each class but it’s always a good group of people that you work out with and get trained by.  They make sure you really focus on getting the moves and breathing correctly, but also make you laugh and keep things interesting.” 

 Q: What keeps you motivated?

A: “I think the biggest thing that keeps me motivated is really knowing how important exercise is in managing my diabetes.  I can see a difference not only in how I feel when I don’t exercise but also in my sugar levels because they tend to run high when I don’t exercise for long periods of time.”

Q: What are your future fitness goals?

A:  “My future fitness goals are really to increase the amount of time that I am working out.  Being busy with a new job over the last 5 months has cut my exercise down from 4-6 days per wk. to about 2-3.  Adding the 2 classes of Pilates a week to hold me accountable is definitely going to help me get back at it and adding cardio 1-2 days per week will hopefully help me get focused to shed some extra pounds and firm up.”

A New Year... A New You!

What resolutions did you make for 2015? Are you sticking to them? Here’s an even better question, have you ever turned a New Year’s Resolution into a lifestyle change?

Whether your goal for the year or even better for the future is to lose weight, strengthen your body, increase your cardiovascular heath, relieve pain, recover from an injury, or most importantly a better equality of life! You owe it to yourself to give us a try!

Here at Pure Power PILATES and Fitness, we have created a friendly environment that offers private and small group training for all ages and levels of fitness. Our studio combines the STOTT PILATES® method with revolutionary fitness knowledge creating an ideal fitness studio.

We believe to obtain good health that is sustainable; your fitness routine must be diverse. Our studio’s trainers design each class to continuously challenge your body and keep you coming back for more.

We enjoy changing lives, making our clients feel stronger, happier, and healthier!
Make this the last time this is your New Year’s Resolution.

Put the "ME" in Merry

Are you feeling over scheduled this time of year? Between parties, gifts to buy, cookies to bake – – the most wonderful time of the year quickly becomes the most stressful. Taking some time for yourself may be the last thing on your never ending to-do list, but it’s an essential step to keeping the inner Grinch away.

You must first take care of yourself. It does no one any good if you’re down and out.

Follow these four steps to a stay sane guide to getting through the holidays with a smile, and starting the New Year off with a bang.

    1. Do you feel overwhelmed or literally feel yourself becoming tense? We carry much of our stress in our muscles. Exercise is a healthy way to work out the frustration of the season. And it’s customizable to your mood and personality. Maybe a high intensity interval training class works for you or a PILATES class that will challenge your mind and body. Need to vent? Take a brisk walk around the neighborhood with a friend.
    2. Do you worry about catching a cold or flu? It is very hard to avoid germs when you are busy visiting family and friends and shopping in crowded malls. If you want to lower your chances of catching a cold this season, then regular exercise may be just what the doctor ordered. Findings show that exercise helps your immune system fight simple infections such as colds and flu, so prevention is key.
    3. Do you get the holiday blues? For some the holiday season can be very a difficult time of the year. It’s a time of sadness, a time of self-evaluation and reflecting about the past year and a time of anxiety about the future year. Regular exercise is an excellent way to boost your mood and get in shape. When you exercise, your body releases a chemical call endorphins. Endorphins trigger a positive feeling in the body which can create a more positive and energizing outlook on life.
    4. Treat yourself . . . a massage is a perfect way to honor and center yourself during the holiday season. Schedule one ahead of time.

Above all, remember that the holidays are for celebrating the season and spending quality time with friends and loved ones. As long as you keep that in mind, you’ll feel energized for the New Year ahead.

Until next time . . .